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For some years now, land forces have played a central role in French military interventions: the Lebanon, Ivory Coast, Central Africa, Afghanistan, and Mali are the many theatres of operations where land forces have been deployed for some time. Their action has been decisive during Operations Serval in Mali, Sangaris in Central Africa and Barkhane in the Sahel.
But to be able carry out operations abroad, the land army needs the support of effective operational preparation where the units are plunged into the reality of engagements. Preparation before deployment is being prepared for the particularities of the mission and the theatre of operations. Today the land forces represent more than 50 regiments which can be engaged in an inter-arms and inter-armies framework, and this, no matter what type the conflict is, regular or irregular.
 This book allows you to view questions as diversified as concerted action, embarked simulation, robotising the battlefield or even contact drones.
Also reviewed are the development of the various arms, the question of training, that of equipment and that of how to use it. The big programmes are not forgotten, be they the Tigre Standard 3, the Franco-German tank, the VBAE, the Guépard or the MHT ground-to-air missile. In this book the authors also review the lessons learnt from recent operations, the form taken by fighting on land today and what it could be tomorrow, in particular in the context of high intensity combat.


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