L'U-203 de Rudolf Mützelburg

Rolf Mutzelburg's U-203
From the Atlantic to the Caribbean

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After regularly obtaining successes against the North Atlantic convoys during her first four missions, U-203 under Rolf Mützelburg successfully carried out several direct torpedoing attacks along the coast of Canada at the end of 1941. Her captain was awarded the Knight’s Cross. So she could carry on for a long time along the USA coast, U-203 was the first U-Boat to be re-supplied at sea by another submarine during her sixth patrol on 24 March 1942. In July 1942, it was in the Caribbean during her 7th combat mission that Mützelburg obtained his best results. He was able to add the Oak Leaves to his decoration, but refused stubbornly to accept a land job as requested by Admiral Doenitz. He was the most decorated man in the submarine arm to go into combat. His desire to stay with his men cost him his life in an accident at sea which is unique in the history of the submarine arm: because of the rolling, he killed himself by hitting his head on the ballast when he dived from the conning tower. For the following missions he was replaced by his former second officer, Hermann Kottmann. Despite progress made by the Allies where armament and detection were concerned, at the time she went into combat, U-203 succeeded in carrying out two further combat patrols. This U-Boat was sunk during her 11th and last patrol by the combined action of an Allied plane and ship.
Follow U-203 during her 11 combat missions with more than 320 period photos and documents.


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