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Historic ustensils and thirty-five easy-make-recipes of World War One.

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The Fist World War was to upset French daily life and cooking well beyond the conflict. The 1914-18 war meant eight million five hundred thousand mobilised Frenchmen, who had to be fed for one thousand five hundred days, three times a day. The French commissariat had to show it was up to such a challenge: providing four million meals, “portions”, for the frontline combatants. Jérôme Delile, a history enthusiast, has gathered together a host of historic ustensils : mess kits, flasks, etc. After being very carefully restored, they are now once again in use making authentic, easy-to-make recipes. The foundations of modern catering had been laid. This book abundantly illustrated with mouth-watering photographs and thirty-five easy-to-make recipes is an invitation to take a trip down memory lane, in a simple and didactic way. It’ll plunge the reader into the period of the “cooks” who were an indispensable part in a favourable outcome to the conflict.


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