Volume 1 / August 1941 to June 1943 

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Here is a new book about the Légion Wallonie and its members engaged on the Eastern Front wearing the uniform of the Heer between 1941 and 1945. You can plunge into the as yet mainly unpublished archives, the documents and the organisation, gathering together accounts and quotations made by the legionaries never before published. It gives biographies of most of the officers.

You will discover the journal archives and still unknown or barely known information or propaganda about the Légion Wallonie which contributed to its development and its international reputation, so important for the legionaries, their families and the services depending on it. It is rich in documentation, photographs never before revealed and information about the actions and services of the Légion Wallonie. It will give the amateur researchers and historians of the Legion quite a lot of details and information about the customs and habits, services and organisation and activities of the internal and external life of the Légion Wallonie. 


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