Uniforms and equipment of the German air force 1935-1945

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This work is a true encyclopaedia and the result of exceptional research, presenting as it does for the first time an exhaustive survey of the equipment and uniforms used by Luftwaffe personnel from 1935 to 1945. From their service uniforms and flying gear to their equipment, brought together in an impressive collection of original items, the experience of these men
emerges throughout the book. Each object has been photographed in high quality colour with an attention to detail and with extensive captions. With more than 150 colour photos of which some are published for the first time, the book is in four parts : the first gives an overview of the Luft­ waffe’s history and basic organisation ; the second part is given over to the uniforms and equip- ment and in the third, the weapons. As a bonus, the book ends with some thoughts about these men aboard their machines, including the story of one of them through his rewards, documents and personal effects. It is an indispensable work for historians of WWII, enthusiastic collectors, bookshops and archivists.


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