Volume 3: battles, insignias and documents 1936-1945 

Forthcoming : May 2018

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These three volumes form the most complete and detailed study of the uniforms and equipment of Second World War German Paratroopers (Fallschirmjäger).
Almost all the uniform items are presented in their smallest details, including the various models of jump suits (Knochensack), together with the equip- ment used by the Luftwaffe from the mid-thirties to the Reich’s capitulation. The reader will also find Fallschirmjäger insignia and numerous unpublished narratives. In short, this work gives in depth descriptions of the Green Devils’ operations, from the attack on Norway up to the last days of the 3rd Reich including the assault on the Eben-Emael fort. The Dutch and Cretan campaigns, but also North Africa, Russia, Italy, Normandy and the Ardennes are included in this trilogy.

The author and the German publisher have given themselves over to this unprecedented task with the help of collectors and museums the world over. The three volumes total more than 1 000 pages in colour; there are thousands of photographs of objects belonging to the Fallschirmjäger, among which there are items which have never been revealed or studied. This triptych has been enhanced with a lot of period photos of which many have not yet been published. 


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Karl Veltzé

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