One of the Normandie-Niemen

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A short while after his return to France, Roger Sauvage, one of the aces in the Normandie-Niemen with sixteen confirmed kills, published an account of his experiences in the Franco-Rus- sian fighter unit which has become one of avia- tion history’s legends.
Describing the daily life of pilots and mecha-nics alike in the “Neu-Neu”, as close as possible to the fighting, One of the Normandie-Niemen was very successful when it first came out and has been re-edited several times since then. This book, just as lively as it is instructive, is now out of print and greatly sought after by aviation enthusiasts. Responding to their hopes, Heimdal has today reacted by offering a large-size book including the original text, complete and enhanced with historical explanations enabling the reader to understand better the various aspects. Also, thanks to Roger Sauvage’s family, it includes a very large number of photos, most of which were taken by the pilot himself on the Russian Front. Not to forget the caricatures by Pierre Déchanet, the group’s artist and Roger Sauvage’s friend. This is the first time that these drawings, describing daily life in the “Neu-Neu” with details and humour, have been presented in their entirety. 


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R.Sauvage - L.Sauvage - J-C Stasi

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