Missing. The crossed destinies of Philippe Béraud and Claude Raoul-Duval, 1940-1943

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April 1943. The war in Europe had reached a turning point. Dogged, murderous dogfights took place every day over the north of France. Just sent into battle, the combat group “Alsace” lost its first two pilots, shot down at the same time, in the same dogfight, by the same pilot.
Claude Raoul-Duval miraculously survived and spent six months in the Resistance where he went from one incredible adventure to another, before reappearing in London and taking over the controls of a Spitfire again. He is today one of the last eighteen Compagnons de la Libération. Philippe Béraud disappeared. His family found him after a long, five-year search, buried in an unnamed grave in Le Havre. Through his letters, they found out about his extraordinary life, first of all in the Royal Air Force, then in a Free French Fighter Group.
Missing is the poignant tale of these two crossed destinies. A tribute and a testimony.


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