The Story of Hans-Joachim Marseille 

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With 158 kills to his credit and his death in Egyp- tian skies on 30 September 1942 at only 22, Hans- Joachim Marseille was a legend of Second World War aviation.

Apart from his exceptional qualities as a fighter pilot, he owed his reputation to his anti-conformism and dislike for authority, which caused him a great deal of problems with his superiors, and his chivalrous attitude which led him to escort an enemy pilot who was wounded, or whose plane was damaged, back to his base. This behaviour and his formidable combat success made him just as famous in Germany as he was to Allied pilots, who both feared and respected him.

Having gathered eye-witness accounts from veterans who knew Marseille, the American authors, Colin D. Heaton and Anne-Marie Lewis, have put together a very documented biography telling in detail the short life of this pilot, who was so unlike the others, and who entered the pantheon of fighter pilots at only 22.
Editions Heimdal wanted to develop their section of WW2 aviation books and therefore published this big-format, jacketed French version of the English and American bestseller, in order to present this collec- tion of illustrations – 150 photos, both in colour and black and white, as well as aircraft profiles.

This is unquestionably a work which will mark the history of aircraft publications, as much by the importance of its subject as by the quality of its text and the richness of its illustrations. 


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