Normandy 1944 : Arado, the spy plane.

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More than seventy years after the end of the Second World War, there are still some grey areas surroun- ding the period.
When he launched the world’s first mission carried out from Juvincourt on 2 August 1944 by the V-2’s eyes, the jet-powered reconnaissance Arado-234, Hitler played his last card. The gripping aerial pho- tographs it brought back that day, show the whole Allied layout and led to the Mortain counter-attack. Even more curious, these photos disappeared from the official American archives for half a century.
After considerable research and investigative work, Philippe Bauduin, the former director of the ANVAR in Basse-Normandie, and Eric Charon, a journalist, demonstrated with supporting proof that the Battle of Normandy turned out to be an extraordinary challenge for the Allies and Germans. This new edition of an out-of-print book also presents the personal archives of the Arado pilots : Sommer and Gôtz.


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