The Wekusta 2 in combat.
1940-1944 (Brest, Nantes, Mont-de-Marsan, Bordeaux)

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The Wekusta 2 was the weather reconnaissance of the Luftwaffe, and whose story has not been studied by historians very much.
The Wekusta 2 story deserves consideration. Luftwaffe units permanently stationed in France like Wekusta 2 during the Occupation were rare; it flew daily from Brest-Lanvéoc, Nantes-Château Bougon, Mont-de-Marsan, and Bordeaux-Mérignac.

Pierre Babin decided to reconstitute the history of Wekusta 2. He researched the rare archives avai- lable in Germany and in the Commonwealth countries, met some of the unit’s veterans, gathered together their precious accounts and consulted documents preserved by the airmen’s families.

This is the story, so little known until now, that Pierre Babin has reconstituted in this 200 pages book, illustrated with unpublished photos. 


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