1799, l'année la plus longue

1799, The Longest year

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The 12 Nivôse An VII (1 January 1799) started just like 1798: relatively calmly. France in January 1799 seemed a little like that of December 1798: the three “sister republics” (Batavia, Cisalpine and Liguria) had become six with the Helvetic, Roman and Neapolitan Republics.
The belligerents however were members of the Second Coalition against “imperialistic” France and were only waiting for the opportune moment to swoop down on France wherever she was: in Egypt, but above all in Italy, a country where the Austrians, members of the Coalition, couldn’t bear the idea of losing two years earlier to a young unknown general risen from the ranks. The situation had lasted long enough and taking advantage of Bonaparte being out of Europe, the Allies of the Second Coalition, with the help of Russia, invaded what the French had built up in 1796-1797 and destroyed it during fighting and battles. It wasn’t before the last four months of the year that the Austro-Russians started going back. In France, with Bonaparte in power, a strong government was formed as the last days of the year approached.
And the year concluded without any definitive military solution being found. For that they’d have to wait until 1800 and the decisive battles at Hohenlinden and Marengo to see the beginning of the hope of seeing the guns fall silent again.


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