Julien Lenoir, collaborateur Caennais

JULIEN LENOIR, The Collaborator from Caen

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The historian Yves Lecouturier presents another book about the story of collaboration in Normandy from 1940 to 1944: the portrait of a man from among the most striking collaborators in Caen, a city which was harshly tested by the Battle of Normandy. A veteran of the Great War, a tradesman who organised the 1933 Caen fair, the energetic and ambitious Julien Lenoir hoped to become the foremost notable in the Basse-Normandie capital. Adjoint-au-maire in 1935, adhering to Colonel de la Roque’s PSF, drawn fairly early on to the nationalist regimes, he was favourable to the IIIrd Reich from the beginning of the Occupation. Speaking German, encouraged by a trip to Leipzig in September 1941, he created a section of the group Collaboration shortly afterwards. Anti-Gaullist and anti-communist, turning frankly towards collaborationism, he founded a group of French auxiliaries at the disposition of the Caen Gestapo which became the sinister Gang of Hervé. In the torment of the air raids, he left Caen in flames on 9 June 1944 to go to Germany, carried away by the wreck of the cause he had chosen to support. In April 1945, he crossed the Swiss border before handing himself over to the French and was imprisoned in his hometown of Caen at the end of June 1945. The purging did not spare him: sentenced a month later for offences against national security, Julien Lenoir slit his throat on 15 August 1945, on the eve of the verdict.
Like the Black Angel of the Gestapo and the Illegal Purges, Yves Lecouturier offers a book in a flowing style, easy to read and rigorously documented.


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