On the Warpath : The Amerindians during the 1939-1945 War

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During WWII, thousands of North American Indians took part in the crusade to defend liberty and democracy in all theatres of operations. As they had done in the past from Normandy to the Pacific, via North Africa, Italy and the Ardennes, the soldiers from the Indian tribes showed their patriotism and their bravery, rarely equalled by their white comrades. No other minority so largely contributed to, and was so influenced by, WWII. 44 000 Amerin- dians out of a population of 400 000 served under the colours of the American army. Five were awarded the Congressional Medal of Honor.
A lot of other soldiers of Indian origin were famous, like Gregory “Pappy” Boying- ton, the famous CO of the Black Sheep squadron, and Ira Hayes, one of the Marines who hoisted the American flag on Mount Suribashi at Iwo Jima. Despite the popularly accepted idea, the Indians fighting in the ranks of the allies were not all Navajos specialised in radio transmissions, using their language as a code in the Pacific theatre of operations. The Apaches, Sioux, Cheyenne, Crows, Choctaws, Meskwakis, Cherokees, Inuit and Iroquois, etc., were among the legendary tribes that sent their warriors to fight for the defence of their land and their people. The tribes also greatly contributed to the war effort at home.
Based on more than 700 photos and maps and testimonies, and after analysing their motivations and the history of their contribution to American and Canadian military history, in the Seven-Year War, the American Civil War, the Indian Wars and WWI, the author presents the North American Indians’ decisive but often unknown contribution to the American and Canadian war effort during WWII for the first time in a book published in France. He pays a vibrant tribute to the soldiers from the First American and Canadian nations who sacrificed their youth for their country.
About 700 photos, maps and documents.


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