The Marines at Iwo Jima

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In America’s collective memory, Iwo Jima remains the most terrible of battles in the Pacific, no doubt because the Marines’ losses exceeded the Japanese’s, which was not normally the case, and probably because it took longer than a month of ferocious fighting for this 2.5 x 5 mile island to fall into their hands. This fierce battle which opposed the elite of the American army and a Japanese division quite decided to hold out to the last, was abundantly covered by the war correspondents belonging to the Marines. More than in any other theatre of operations, the photos were taken without indulgence right at the heart of the fighting. They give an exceptionally realistic testimony of this dramatic episode of the war. The photos of the various materiel, tanks, amphibious vehicles, artillery pieces, mortars, rocket launchers, aeroplanes of all types which are all well represented in this book.


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