The schwere Panzerabteiluing 503 from the Eastern Front to Normandy

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The work carried out by several veterans of this heavy tank battalion was considerable. The successive accounts make up an exceptional logbook, enriched from the human point of view by the veteran’s testimonies. The iconography presented here is exceptional with precise captions, shedding new light on certain well-known photographs alongside the mass of documents, most of which are unpublished.
It was essential to let the French speaking public know about this exceptional work, all the more so as a chapter concerns Normandy which sheds new light on some of the fighting.This book will remain a definitive reference work on this unit which played such an important part in the terrible fighting. This unit alone destroyed about 2 000 enemy tanks. The experience of these former officers also gives us a unique testimony: that of the users of these tanks which became legendary the world over and were particularly dreaded by their adversaries. They have brought their vision from the “inside”, which is especially precious for the historians who didn’t go through that tragic period.


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