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The Provence that is visited so much every year for its sun, its rocky inlets, and its summer fragrances holds another treasure: its ancient past.
In a land of passage, or travelling, great peoples also settled there. First of all it was the territory of the Ligures and the Celts. These craftsmen, farmers and breeders welcomed the Greeks with open-arms, coming from the other side of the sea as they did, bringing with them the olive tree and the vine but also spreading their know-how and their knowledge. After several centuries of exchanges but also of a lot of murderous conflicts, Roman-ness settled into this vast spread of land. It then became the doorway to Gaul, but also a Provinci, which was then called later Provence. The Roman period marked a period of pomp. At the dawn of the Middle Ages, Provence was finally incorporated into the kingdom of the Visigoths. This ancient heritage, which the summer holiday makers sometimes know nothing of, is incredibly rich. We offer a complete look at Provence’s prehistoric sites from proto-history to the German Migrations. A complete guide to discovering this region of France, from the Italian border to the River Rhone, this book, thought out and drawn up by archaeologists is deliberately for the general public. It enables everyone to discover art and ancient architecture in Provence.


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