My favorite recipes from Ancient Rome
Cooking with Apicius 

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In the collective memory, Apicius is the first of the great gourmets and gastronomists in the history of cooking. His book de Re Coquinaria is known the world over and offers an authentic insight into what the Romans ate at the time of the emperors, from the simplest to the most refined dishes. Posterity has retained recipes of stuffed sow’s teats, camel’s heels and pink flamingo’s tongues; but Apicius’ work also offers particularly inte- resting recipes to be tried out which are easily doable nowadays.
Make up a Roman meal from the 38 recipes proposed taken from Apicius’ work and adapted to today’s tastes. Taste a pork minutal, with green pea concicla with coriander lentils and finish with pear patina. Let yourself be tempted by the savours of Ancient Rome; let yourself go and discover the pleasure of different food which is so different from ours but sometimes so close.
A enthusiast of literature and history, Josy Marty-Dufaut has written a number of works on the Middle Ages, all about different themes: love, knights, plants, the Templars...Her research has made take an interest in historical cooking. She works with the magazines, Moyen Age Magazine and Antiquité Magazine from Editions Heimdal where she has the gastronomic column.

This book is part of what has motivated her for so long: preserving our cooking heritage and letting the public dis- cover or rediscover it. 


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