THE HOPLITES - History’s first warriors 

Forthcoming : April 2018

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he Hoplites appeared in the 8th Century BC and enabled Greece to undergo the astounding cultural boom which is still acknowledged nowadays. The Hoplite is however still relatively unknown to the general public. The subject moreover has been greatly tainted by mysticism, an aspect which often replaces the historical facts.

This book tells the story of these fighters who turned the art of war in the West upside down, and who also durably modified it. It throws light on the diffe- rent aspects of the hoplite and reveals the history and the life of these elite warriors, their equipment and their military tactics. What is more, you will discover the important conflicts in ancient times which have now sunk into oblivion, and you will be up in the frontline with the Hoplites. With this book you will discover the most pioneering aspects of ancient Greek society. Be carried off to Ancient Greece with this book and follow in the steps of these illustrious soldiers.

Supported by a variety of epigraphic, pictorial and archaeological sources this book enables newcomers and history enthusiasts to become more familiar with the great poets of Antiquity through the epic poems. Richly illustrated, page after page you will see the most beautiful artefacts and pictures of these warriors. You also see the hoplites in the same way as the people of the time saw them. Finally this book enables you to understand and analyse the hoplite phalanx with the help of unpublished gestural experiments. 


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