ALLIED RADIOS 1940-1945 English, American and Canadian signals equipment Volume I

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In highlighting human genius, radio is the prerogative of intelligent, rigorous, innovating individuals open on the world. Less well-known, radio-electric signals represent nonetheless an essential part of WWII – which, without contest, was also a totally technological war. In this magisterial book in two volumes, what could not be done has been done: the first encyclopaedic book on radio equipment of the Allied forces, the fruit of tens of years of research. Easy to read, it is aimed at collectors, to the fans of repairs and getting period equipment to work again – who will be pleased – as well as the fans of the 1939-1945 period overall. The first volume deals with the Pathfinders radio communication equipment – their beacons with the so emblematic role for 6 June 1944 – and that of the several essential arms of the Allied forces, armour, air forces (USAAF and RAF) and navies (USN and RN). Supported by dozens of period technical specifications, the very vast panel of equipment made and used by the Americans, British and Canadians, to be found naturally among other nations fighting in the Allied camp, is described here in detail as nowhere else: transceiver apparatus, antennas, microphones, batteries, amplifiers and various miscellaneous accessories, bags and transport cases, all explained and accurately photographed, disassembled and functioning, including 100% authentic rare parts presented for the first time. The extremely rigorous and highly specialised and qualified organisation of the radio signals personnel comes through in this book. Thanks to Denis Derdos and to Editions Heimdal the great gap here has easily been filled.


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