VILLERS-BOCAGE, Autopsy of a battle 

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Normandy, les Hauts-Vents, 13 June 1944, 9 a.m.
An extended British armoured column from the 7th Armoured Division had made a deep break through into the German front line and was getting ready to reach one of the day’s objectives, Hill 213, on the Caen road three kilometres from Villers-Bocage. A small unit of six heavy German tanks, the famous Tigers from s.SS-Panzer- Abteilung 101, under Obersturmführer Michael Wittmann, was stationed nearby ready to get involved...
What was missing up until now was an accurately documented account of how the events in the Battle of Villers-Bocage developed, describing everybody’s role. Frederic Deprun and Yann Jouault have succeeded thanks to unpublished documents in offering a panoramic view of the battle and an accurate chronology of events. 


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