La Waffen-SS au combat

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The Waffen-SS is one of the most curious subjects in military history. From a small, highly elitist Praetorian Guard, representing Germanic concepts of "racial purity," it ended up draining about a million increasingly eclectic fighters whose military quality ranged from elite to the largest to mediocrity, and who, alongside remarkable troops, lined up units of killers. This book, presenting a largely new iconography, will meet the expectations of the most demanding history lovers, by the exceptional quality of this iconography, but also by the uncompromising comments that largely express the diversity of these aspects. The chapters unfold this history, from the pre-war period to the prison camps, through the Polish campaign, the war in the West in 1940, the Balkans, Greece, Barbarossa and then various chapters on the war in the East but also in Finland, the Balkans and Normandy. For each period, the photos were chosen and commented on to present their peculiarities, the officers, the units linked to each of them.

Among the many books devoted to this theme, this one answers many questions concerning the diversity of this troupe, it is an essential document for the knowledge of this history.


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Charles Trang - Pierre Tiquet

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