Les forces blindées hongroises

During the Second World War

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What the public knows about the action of German armour during the Second World War is due especially to the numerous books on the subject. What are much less well-known on the other hand are the actions of the armoured forces of their allies.
This book shows the role the Hungarian armoured forces played throughout the world conflict, how they managed to make up an armoured corps which was strong enough to play a determining role on the front even though it was destined to confront one of the most terrible opponents of its time: the Red Army.
Hungary not only managed to organise its armoured troops for the beginning of the Second World War with the support of Germany, but its military industry was also able to produce different types of vehicles and weapons for its own troops. Indeed, Hungarian industry was diversified and managed to develop a whole local range of armoured vehicles which showed in certain cases that they were exceptionally effective in combat and that until the end of the conflict. All the models this industry brought out are presented here: the Toldis, and various Turans.
Throughout the book, the author reveals the participation of Hungary in WWII thanks to a multitude of photos provided by real experts on the subject, as well as the role played by the Hungarian armoured forces from Operation Barbarossa to the fighting in the Ukraine two years later, then during the retreat later towards the Hungarian territory of the Carpathians, the defence of Budapest or the last fighting by Hungarian tanks in Austria or in Slovenia, just before Germany’s unconditional surrender.
This book also talks about the terrible fate awaiting Hungarian troops after the Soviet invasion of Hungary, when a number of soldiers and officers were sent for several years to Soviet concentration camps.


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