Volume 2 / from 22 May to 4 June 1940

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May-June 1940. A fateful battle lost in forty-eight hours.

Everything, or almost, has been said about these for- ty-five days, be it in general works covering all or part of the period, or monographs about particular aspects of the battle. No book, however, has ever treated with such exactness the whole battle on a day to day basis, sector by sector, from Holland to Menton. Forty-five days of fighting are here related, including the most emblematic of them but also those, much more numerous, which few accounts have mentioned or have even totally ignored. It is the daily tragedy of these men, surpassed by the pace of the battle, knocked from one side to another by the generals and often paying the ultimate sacrifice that these two volumes seek to retrace. A totally different and hitherto unpublished vision of a lost battle. The Memorial of the Battle of France...

For more than 40 years, Jean-Yves Mary has been interested in the events of May-June 1940. Because of the Maginot Line, he has become one of the specialists because of several books which have become reference works, and the creation of the Musée de la Ligne Maginot started in 1978 and the intermediary troops on the Fermont site, then by carefully studying the various breakthroughs that the Germans made during those tragic two months, studying which has burgeoned into several fully documented works on the lightning progress made by the Panzerdivisionen. A comprehensive survey of knowledge amassed over the years that have encouraged the author to attempt this ambitions project... 


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