The Wiking's Flak Unit (5.SS-Panzer-Division)

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The author here gives us the story of the 5.SS- Panzer-Division Wiking’s flak unit which fought on the Eastern front. We see that the unit scored some remarkable successes against the Soviet air force but also during the fighting on land, facing the infantry with its light pieces but also with the powerful 88s against the tanks. These AA artillerymen also had to defend their positions in hand to hand fighting, hence the awarding of “close combat” bars. This history is illustrated with photos supplied by the veterans, almost all of them unpublished. The second part consists of the testimonies of
the unit’s veterans, giving an “in the field” feeling rather different from what is to be found in the reports found at headquarters level. These testimonies are accompanied by photos and documents belonging to these veterans. This new volume in the collection “Batailles et Témoignages” (Battles and testimonies) is an excellent complement to the history in three volumes of the Division Wiking.


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