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This book covers the landings in Normandy of the free French commados lead by Philippe Kieffer.

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The Kieffer Commando will be particularly honoured during the year of the 70th Anniversary of D-Day. The seaside resort of Ouistreham where the 117 Bérets Verts (green berets) landed at dawn on 6 June 1944, was indeed chosen as the capital of the official ceremonies. Many books and articles have been written about his handful of diehards, lovers of freedom, the only Frenchmen incorporated into the 150 000 man-strong expeditionary corps sent to the Normandy beaches to open the way for the Western Front in Europe. But until today there was no book for the public at large, telling the story of this extraordinary adventure from the commando’s formation with the drive of Philippe Kieffer to the last operation in Holland, using rich and very varied documentation, including
plans, drawings and a lot of photos of which a good number are unpublished. Here is a book which will supplement connoisseurs’ bookshelves and interest all those, much more numerous, who have heard of the Kieffer Commando but who only know the name.


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