La percée du Bocage Tome 3

Volume 3: 5-10 August 1944 – Vassy, Tinchebray, Flers, Putanges

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Following on the success of the first two volumes presenting the British XXX and VIII Corps’ breakthrough in the bocage in the second fortnight of August 1944 in detail, here is the last part of the series describing day by day, hour by hour, the charge of the English troops up to Argentan and their contribution to the closing up of the Chambois-Falaise Gap from 5 to 20 August 1944.
At the beginning of August, for the German forces, the objective was to establish a line of defence from Vire to Aunay-sur-Odon, whose pivot was in the village of Estry, especially to avoid being annihilated in the north of the pocket that was beginning to form (which was to become the famous Kessel) – the Falaise Gap.
In the overwhelming heat, the Battle of Estry began – it was to last eight days! Operation Grouse enabled the British to free Vassy and Tinchebray, then Flers, Aubusson, Putanges, Briouze.
On 14 August 1944, Eisenhower ordered each Allied soldier to invest body and soul, and take advantage of the situation (more than favourable at the time), in order to win a decisive victory in France. While the German Army fell back towards the Seine, the Tommies in the 15th Scottish Infantry Division, the 11th Armoured Division, or again the 3rd Infantry Division, carried on with their breakthrough in the Bocage, plunged in bitter fighting. Facing them, although out-numbered, the Fallschirmjäger and Panzers tenaciously held onto the terrain.
As with the previous volumes, this book – inevitable for the fans of the Battle of Normandy – is based on numerous photos, maps, unit logbooks and eye-witness accounts, the latter mostly unpublished.

Stéphane Jacquet is responsible for the Museum of the Battle of Tilly-sur-Seulles and Vice-Chairman of the Museum of the Bocage Breakthrough at Saint-Martin-des-Entrées. The historian Marc-Henri Barrabé is a specialist of WWII in the canton of Tinchebray and a member of the Revue du Pays-Bas Normand.


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