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More than just a simple account of the Sherman saga, this book does talk about the tank but from several points of view. Informal, didactic, historical and pragmatic, it sets out the role and the difficulties facing the crews serving in this legendary tank. It explains the technical pitfalls and the solutions found by the designers and gives the different com- bat methods perfected by the Allies in detail, be it landing from an LCT, moving around in the bocage, fighting in the snow or breaking down at the bottom of a muddy hole.

Building the best tank ever does not guarantee victory. The crew driving it had to be instructed and trained. This was where success begins. The crew had then to be prepared to live combat situations; they had to be brainwashed with the idea that a mistake in wartime is paid cash and that the bill reminds you of the Grim Reaper.
Not only does the book mention these situations, but it also gives an exhaustive list of the equipment, engines, the models created and the different types of Sherman.
Technical explanations, when necessary, are clear and precise so that everything is obvious for the reader. Complete? Better than that! This book also deals with maintenance, with an explanation of all the logistics needed for combat.

Collectors, military history or armour buffs, model makers, when you read this book you’ll think you’re part of the crew and the best “Sherman” is to be found in these pages. 


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