Atlantic Wall

The Atlantic Wall : a name which sounds like a slogan, that German propaganda would use with advantage to present to the world the greatest and the most powerful fortification ever constructed.

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Pierced in a single day, the 6th June 1944, its utility and real value were, in the event, easily challenged, at once consigning the proud Atlantic Wall to a useless fortification for some, a mythical illusion for others. And yet, between these two extremes, the historic reality of the Atlantic Wall lies in the thousands of bunkers consturcted in record time along the whole coast of occupied Europe, from the north of Norway to the buttress of the Pyrenees in France. Some seventy years later, what remains of this gigantic fortification ? This book, illustrated with more than 1,400 photographs, maps and documents, takes the reader to Norway, Denmark, the Netherlands, Germany, Belgium, the Channel Islands and France, on a discovery of the most incredible remains


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30,5 x 21,8 cm
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Alain Durrieu, Luc & Marc Braeuer, Sébastien Hervouet

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